Sunday, October 18, 2009

Baby heartbeat

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Baby heartbeat

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i've been feeling 100x better the last 2 weeks...less sleepy, more energy, feeling like working out again...until Friday... i had to get up to go into the OR early... got up and started feeling nauseated immediately, when i told myself..."okay Ashley, usually you're asleep still and not eating and i'm not hungry or nauseated then... so tough it out, its just a mind game" so i precede to get into the shower and get ready- feeling more terrible as the minutes pass, still telling myself to "man up", "be tough" " you can handle this" and yep... blahhhhh right in the toilet!!! (sorry if that grossed anyone out)...I was so determined to get through this whole pregnancy without actually throwing up... welp i lost that battle and yeah, i thought it was just a mind game, i guess not! haha so i felt better after that episode and went to eat some breakfast and off to the OR for a fun filled day! haha but since then i've been feeling pretty good, slowly getting my appetite back and ability to eat meat again! haha
AND my amazing mother re modeled, re decorated and re organized our WHOLE HOUSE!!! such a blessing b/c with these last couple weeks of me being tired and with our MBA classes, we've been getting behind on household stuff... soo below you'll see the "blue" room in our house that we both HATED, just haven't gotten around to fixing it until this weekend... she painted the room for us and bought us the china chest/wine rack to match the table!! thanks mom :) and we got a table!! FINALLY!! haha

we will try to post the heartbeat later tonight or tomorrow, so check back to hear it :) !!!!


Dave, Ashley, Bella and Baby Hodge

This is Nikki, Brandon and I at the Rooftop Bar downtown Charleston, waiting on Dave to get off work on was beautiful (90 degrees and sunny)
nikki and i at the comedy club in much fun!

Dave and Brandon making us girls breakfast...such good guys! and it was SOOOO good!!

oh yes, my fav nike shirt EVER! and i have a twin!! haha

Nikki and I at King St grill watching the Buckeyes SMASH Wisconsin

Monday Oct 12th our appt with the midwife and luckily my mom was in town to go with us :)

they were like an hour behind!!! we were getting so bored in the room! haha

my beautiful mother patiently waiting with us to hear the heartbeat...even though she's HOPING its a fast one! ;)

that week we decided it was time for the hideous BLUE to go away!! yippie!!

Bella wanted to help out too ;) HEHE

YAY we finally got a china chest (whatever the fancy name for them is...haha) THANKS MOM!! we love it!!

TADA here it is!! (minus the legs that Dave had to put on later :)

Bella took a little time out in the backyard with her new toy :) isn't she ADORABLE?!! i could just squeeze her!

the finished product (minus the trim...we're waiting on De to be the hero with her fabulous painting skills) and the thing laying on the table is going on the wall

AND we finally got our wedding pic framed...its on the floor on the left- we're going to hand it over the china thingy :)

AND lastly, the belly pic... so there's DEFF a baby bump starting!!! somedays it feels big and i feel huge, then sometimes it goes away and my stomach looks normal again... so who knows :) BUT this pic deff shows it! week 11.5
AND disregard my face/hair... i was in the OR ALLLLL DAY long and was exhausted haha (excuses excuses, i know)

Week 10-- Baby's first TRIP to DISNEY WORLD!!!

So we are just starting week 10 and Dave surprises me (packs my bags, has everything loaded and ready when i got home from work) and off we went in the car... to WALT DISNEY WORLD!! we've been wanting to go here for a couple years now and just haven't made the trip! so in place of our 3 yr anniversary, he surprised me!! We went to Universal on Day 1 (Friday), Dinner At Emerils restaurant Friday night, Walt Disney on Sat and to the OSU alumni association in FL on Sat night to watch the Buckeyes kill Indiana...woowhoo Go BUCKS!
Below are the pics...AND my other HUGE surprise!
i have been feeling a little rough the last few weeks (week 7 & 8) nauseated and mostly i just can't eat anything, everything sounds gross! and i've been more tired than i've EVER been in my life! i sleep like 10-12 hour nights and then take 3 hours naps on the weekends!! its insane!! so we were a little worried about the trip, hoping i would feel okay...AND i did!! i felt great! and wasn't nauseated at all ( i usually only get nauseated when i don't eat OR when i'm at work and have to get up early and don't get to eat lunch until late,,,those are usually the worst days) so thankfully Dave has been amazing at helping me get through this food aversion and sleepy phase! haha... hope everyone is doing well! we miss u all!!

Dave n i at Epcot

they had international food and wine tasting at Epcot (no wine for this girl)

Headed into Universal on Day 1= ME super excited!

this just might be my fav pic of the WHOLE trip! haha

The Hodge family's most treasured family... the simpsons

We went to eat at EMERIL'S restaurant at Universal, which was across the street from our hotel. Dave did all the research and found the restaurant... this is us at the entrance:

HE TOTALLY surprised me and gave me another band that PERFECTLY matches my engagement ring/wedding band set! he special ordered it and everything!! i didn't even have to ask for it!! isn't he an amazing hubby?

soo this pic doesn't EVEN do it justice--- none, but its a pic! ha

this is us after dinner at Emerils

Dave lookin sexy after dinner by the universal ball

YAY omgosh i'm still in shock!! i felt like i was getting engaged again :)

below are our tickets to Universal the first day and we went to Disney world the second day

okay, okay so everyone's been asking for bellys pics... here's the one from Week 9.. some bloating (okay so i feel hugely bloated, but i know its going to get worse! hehe)
AND don't mind my saggy gross lounge pants...we were cleaning the house that day and decided it was a good time for a pic... so just ignore those...ekk! haha