Sunday, January 31, 2010

7 months!!! (28 weeks)

so here we are entering week 28!! ahh i just can't believe i'm 7 months!! i'm entering my 3rd trimester!! wow!!

here is a link to a video we made a couple weeks ago with our new FLIP HD camera we got for Christmas for the baby from the Hodges :) check it out! Here is the (now working) link

I had my Glucose test on Wednesday...and well, i was supposed to fast for 2 hours prior and only drink water. i asked my co-worker to give me a lunch break in time to keep the 2 hour window. we were also told in one of our birth classes to eat high carbs for the 3 days prior to the test and it would make your body used to a higherglucose level and therefore be used to producing more insulin...anyways, i kinda did that- not really though. so back to my 2 hour fasting time- well i was in the OR doing a case and my sweet student brought gummy rock candies in that morning (b/c they're my fav!) BUT really, i mean really, i'm not a candy or sweets type of person, so its only RARE that i actually eat candy anyways... sooo i come back from lunch and theres another emergency in another room, so i'm sort of distracted and everyone was in such a fun mood that day- my nurse friend, Zeh starts eating the gummy rocks-he loves them too! so i'm like- hey, share my friend! haha one thing lead to another and i've eated like 3 of them!!! he hands me my 4th and OMGOSHHH i realize i'm supposed to be having my test in an hour and am supposed to be fasting!! ekkk so, of course, everyone tells me i can't take the glucose test it will mess it up, etc... with our busy lives and as hard as it is to get out of work in time to get to the DR i didn't wnat to cancel.... so we get there and i told the DR i accidently ate gummy rocks (seriuosly how stupid did i feel... i'm a medical professional!! HAHA) so she cringes and says i can't do the test today, so i tell her i drank a huge thing of water on my way and convince her that i only ate like 3 of them- it should be fine.... so we go on with the exam where she said everything looks fine and i'm measuring perfect (which i still struggle with when i see people in my birth class that are due after me and are WAY bigger than me- or people at work) so its good to know i'm on track :) get my blood drawn and we go home

i get a voicemail the next day saying my glucose came back at 148 and the cut of for diabetes is 135!!!! omgoshhhh so i immediately start thinking of all the horriblethings and then stop for a minute and pray-- this is not in my control and i cannot change anything, Jesus is in control and will lead us through whatever He places in our path... oh yeah and the CNM said she didn't think the 3 gummy bears did it :( i'm still mad at the gummy bears! HAHA

so i have to call tomorrow morning to schedule my 3 hour test (and have to miss 1/2 day of work) and get my blood drawn 3 times, etc to see if i am truly gestational diabetic-- so everyone PLEASE SAY A PRAYER that it was just a false positive and that everything will be jsut fine! i trust this in JESUS NAME!!

so other than all that fun, we also got the baby furniture in this week!! and Dave put up one of the pieces today :) yippie!! Below are pics
i also continued my craziness and cleaned out all the closets and drawers and have 2 huge bags full of clothes to donate, reorganized all our shoes, got the baby clothes that we have gotten all washed and hung, did like 7 loads of laundry and uh hummm assisted the master at assembling the furniture (emotionally haha) we then went to the gym everyday this weekend and got the house all cleaned oh yeah did i mention the 4 hours we spent on accounting homework sat am?!

so as i sit here typing, Dave is working on finishing 1 leg of his side project and has been ABSOLUTELY amazing at helping me take care of the house, making me baths, making me sit down and not letting me do anything on top of being a rockstar at work, and keeping up with all he has to do! he's also been super supportive with everything thats been going on lately- i couldn't live without him and am SOOO thankful God saved such an AMAZING man for me :) i'm such a lucky girl!! i love you hunny :)

so below are some updated photos :) LEAVE US A COMMENT...we'd love to hear from you all!!

this is me at 26 weeks prego... yippie, still in my small scubs haha

this was a week before in front of the house

my new COACH diaper bag-- thanks hunny!!

the back of it

starting the closet cleaning

TADA its least until we get more stuff :)

Buckeyes fan in progress :) almost 27 weeks

time out for a Bella hug!!!

she is PRECIOUS!!! i could just squeeze her!

YAY!! thanks babe!! its FINALLY done!!

TADA... the changing table/chest. we will put the changing pad on top until he gets older, then it will just be the dresser :) i just love it!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Week 26...almost 27


So in the last 2 weeks we have started our Bradley Natural Childbirth classes (wed's for 2.5 hrs for 12 weeks!!) this is some serious stuff! haha we have 8 other couples due about the same time as us in our class. we have already learned SOOOO much! our instructor is amazing... she's also a doula, international lactation consultant (with 700 certifications), post-delivery doula and much much more. so we have learned a TON about breastfeeding and a ton of other things :) and the best part is we get to do a "relaxation" session each class where we get massaged by our hubby's!!! H-E-A-V-E-N haha

we also started our accounting for executives in our MBA course, which has deff. added a lot of stress to our already busy lives. (keep in mind a week prior i told Dave i couldn't wait to start school again b/c i was BORED! HA) i knew i'd want to take that back ;) so say a prayer for us that we keep it all together- i've had a few break downs last week- just feeling totally overwhelmed with work, school, baby and life...nothing big, just the ususal begining of school breakdown! HAHA

i'm on call this weekend, and i've been having some issues the last couple times i was on call and worked all night- i got really sick and started having odd contractions and had to call teh DR- so we're just praying i don't get called in this decided we should lay low incase i do, i'm well rested..... sooo i decided to organize and clean... i think this is called NESTING! haha so i pinesol'd the ENTIRE baby room-- baseboards, closet, doors, windows...etc. then i got all his clothes washed and hung up :) SOOO exciting!!! i just can't wait to be able to hold him and dress him in them all!! we're both getting so excited!! its coming soon!!

just wish we had the furniture to put all the folded clothes into and the bedding on :) its back ordered, so hopefully we'll have it in a couple weeks

here's a pic of the furniture for the nursery... the bed converts into a toddler bed and then to a full sized bed- pretty cool!

we're also trying to find unique things for the nursery. the theme is under the sea: crabs, seahorses, fish, octopus, etc. so if you see anything cool, please leave me a comment! i want to find a nightlight for sure...

anyways, Dave is working away on a side project all weekend and then leaves monday for St louis and returns Weds am...and i think that's all that's new with us :)

Dave, Ashley, Bella and Baby Boy (nameless) Hodge...hehe

Monday, January 11, 2010

24 weeks.... 6 months!!! AND DAVE wins MVP award at work :)

Happy New Year everyone!!
we have had a busy last week... first and most exciting... Dave won the MVP award at Blackbaud!!! i'm so proud and excited for him- this is the "big" award and he so deserves it- he works very hard at what he does and always tries to help everyone else out....just like at home :) he's such an amazign guy and i'm so glad he was rewarded for his efforts!! yay baby!!!

we started our Bradley natural childbirth classes- they are on weds from 630-9 for 12 weeks!! wow- serious business :) hehe it was REALLY informative already! we learned exercise techniques and goals...which made me laugh- they recommend WALKING for 5 mins a day- to start off...HA! but i guess for people who don't workout much, you have to start small esp when you're prego :) we learned relaxation techniques... we lay on the floor on a pillow and tense our right foot, relax, then hubby massages it, then left foot, left leg, right leg.... omgosh it was heaven! all the women were asking if it were required at least 5 times a day! haha so that's the first tech. they teach during ontractions... sounds good to me! haha there are 8 couples in our class and EVERYONE except for 1 are having boys!!! (including twin boys) crazy! everyone we know is having a boy...odd. our goal for the week is to make sure we're eating at LEAST 100 gms of protein a day!! my jaw hit the floor and everyone else was just sitting there like it was no big deal- i think maybe they didn't understand what that meant-- eugh so i've been drinking protein shakes twice a day to get that amount in...

and lastly, we re-painted one room and painted the babies nursery. my wonderful friends: De and Elizabeth came over and helped me pick out colors, etc and i'm so happy with the results-- thanks ladies :)
so here's some pics below...we're also working on some videos...AND HUGE= i'm now 6 months prego!!! wow time has flown by!! i can't even believe it! i still feel great... a few uncomfortable moments, but really nothing to even mention...pray that it keeps goign this smooth :)
here's a belly pic at 23 weeks... i think you call this "i popped" haha... you can deff tell there's a belly now! people still don't notice it when i have clothes on, but i can now :)

this evening we went to dinner with our good friends, Matt and Kelly, to celebrate Matt and Dave's awards at Blackbaud and the server looked at me like i was crazy when i asked what kind of virgin drinks they had- then another prego couple sat beside us and the server said"its funny because 4 out of my 6 tables tonight have been pregnant" i wanted to say...make that 5/6...i'm prego too- that's why i asked for virgin drink- haha, but he didn't think i was, so we just left it go- kinda funny tho :)
Bella HAS to be with us everywhere we go--literally on top of whatever we're doing... yep- you guessed it- she laid in paint at least 3 times!! haha

we got all the carpets cleaned, so we had to move all the bedroom furniture-- thankfully, Dave, AGAIN, is amazing and wouldn't let me lift a finger- even though i think i'm quite capable :) so he moved everything himself--thanks again babe!

This is the old spare room-- the silly stripes that took us FOREVER to paint- are now getting painted over merely a year later! haha

the primer begins :)

the old owners used this as their nursery- soon to be our new spare room

just bein silly-- we both like Noah, but no, we haven't decided on a name yet- hehe

Bella wanted to help out!! haha

CUTEST dog EVER... hehe- she was looking out at the lake with ducks in it- wishing she were outside too :)
YAY!! new spare room...i LOVE how the color turned out- we also have white curtains with black rods up now as well as a new lamp :)... i broke that one when i lift it INTO THE FAN! haha oops

YAY- the OSU frame my mom got for Dave finally has a home- we love it :)

Daves idea... i love it!
looking into the room

the bathroom- thanks to Dave and De- is now painted... yellow- and we have a new curtain rod and the curtains are hung :)

the other side of the bathroom

Babies nursery!!! i'm so excited about the color- i wanted something kiddish...bright, but not too bright- and i think it turned out perfect. we painted the lamp blue to match the bedding and you can see the bedding laying there along with a few other Christmas gifts for the baby :)
the furniture is going to be ordered this week- its on back order- its a sleigh design in espresso- i think the dark wood will look great with the colors :)

close up on the bedding and a few other "under the sea" things we've gotten

and again...Bella laying on the fresh paint :) ... she already loves the babies room!

so- what do you think? any suggestions for nursery?
love you all
Dave, Ashley, Bella and Baby Boy

Monday, January 4, 2010

Ultrasound pics & Daddy update

So we now know it's a boy! I am super excited...I wasn't dying for a boy or a girl for that matter but now that we know, I am glad it is a boy. I think it will be easier to have a boy first. Before the ultrasound we were talking and it's funny because it is one of the biggest moments in your life. Will you have tea parties or transformers...throwing a wedding or many things. Now we have the difficult task of picking a name. We have a few we like but nothing solid. The kicking is crazy! You can see it from the outside when he is kicking big. I think he is going to be pretty active based on what he's been like in there so far. Here are the pics from the Ultrasound.