Tuesday, February 23, 2010

30 weeks 2/23/10

so i thought i'd first send some love from Bella and ROOMBA...poor guy hasn't gotten any press on here- so i recently got an action shot of him doing what he does best...vacuum the floors...unassisted! HAHA
i'm 30 weeks today and still feeling great! starting to have some uncomfort sleeping and trying to find positions to sleep in....AND this lil man just won't stop kicking!!! he's seriously moving all day--maybe an hour or two of rest... i think we're going to have our hands full!!
i have recovered from whatever i had last week...ps did i mention how HORRIBLE it was? omgosh Dave almost took me to the hospital to get an IV b/c i just couldn't keep anything down...even the phenergan (that's when you know its bad!) so thankfully i recovered from that! we had a big accounting midterm this monday and we both keep asking ourselves why were doing school and baby and work and life...ahhh sometimes it just gets so overwhelming, but i know in the end it will be worth it :) and hopefully by the time this lil guy is running around we'll be done!! woowhoo i'm going to the midwife now every 2 weeks, since we're nearing the end...and once i hit i think 36 weeks we go every week...omgosh, i just can't believe in 10ish weeks we will have him in our arms!!!
thanks to everyone who sent gifts! we have a few pics below of our first few we got in the mail...and can i tell you it MAKES MY WHOLE week to get things in the mail :) we were sooo excited...thank you all!
my shower in ohio is this weekend, so hopefully next week i'll get new pics up :)
we got the dresser in the mail...here's Dave putting it together :)
AND...our FIRST mail gift!!! thanks Cheryl, Bruce and Nick!! its the most adorable swing... it looks like a lamb!! i've hear this is the best one and works wonders, so we'll see how it works out :)

oh yeah...and i put this together!! woowhoo
Bella was sooo interested and kept sniffing the toys on it

close up of the lamb

im so lucky to have such a handyman for a hubby :)

soo...okay, i admit it, i'm like my mom and yes, i'm already starting to pack our hospital bag! haha i got all kinds of fun lil stuff at wal-mart to take to the birth center- we get a whole suite with walk in showers, etc so i figured we should take advantage of it and bring everything we need :)
and a new lil "under the sea" lamp that is on the table- it lights up and spins around and makes the room look like fish all over--thanks Karen!

29 weeks!

out to dinner downtown Charleston with Chelsea and Alicia
IT SNOWED huge flakes in charleston!!! Bella was sooo excited and confused at the same time! haha look how huge they were!


she's such a snow dog :) she was eating it and rolling in it!

Dave and i before church one Sunday... i just love that shirt on him!
just love him to death!! he's going to be such a great daddy!
hehe...Bella- she's so photogenic!
Dave trying to cuddle with Bella! haha
OMGOSH i couldn't resist...how about the CUTEST outfit ever?!! HAHA
Dave has a kind of matching outfit... too cute!

our next gift in the mail...from Justin and Jana---how perfectly wrapped is this?! omgosh so cute!! thank you guys soo much!!

HAHA- they call Dave Diesel...so Baby Diesel--hehe

ahhh..."my 1st ohio state t shirt"
look how cute-- themed gift!! and SOO MUCH! you guys are great!
Bella wishing the little under the sea squirt toys were hers-haha

i got these stickers for on the ceiling fan--they match perfect!

new ceiling fan pull i found
and.... 30 weeks--- 10 weeks to go!!
and thankfully the weather is back to the usual... 60's

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Daddy's update

We are now going into the final quarter of pregnancy. The little one is crazy active and kicks pretty much all day long. It's cool to feel now because they are much bigger movements. I can feel a whole leg or hand (not sure which) go by in a big sweeping manner. The room is close to being setup except for the crib. It hasn't came yet and it is starting to make me wonder. It was on backorder but it seems like it is taking forever and we are getting close...ok I know we have 10 weeks but I guess I'd feel better if that was up and ready.

The bad news is that Ashley hasn't felt well these past few days. Something she ate or some kind of bug has gotten to her and it hasn't been pleasent. I'll spare the details but it was enough to keep her home to sleep and rest for 2 days and require some medications. Thanksfully the drugs helped keep the nausea down. She had to drink gatorade too because the electrolytes would help rehydrate for the baby. He's been without much food and water during this time but he's a toughy and trooping it out. He sure doesn't show any signs of weakness with the all day soccer games he is playing in Ashley's belly!

Well I can't wait to see the little guy! We are getting closer! I am very excited. I also have a new video to upload but need to figure out how to shrink it. Till next time!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Week 28...DIABETES FREE--whoowhoo

YAY...YIPPIE...HORRAYYY... all my glucose tests came back normal, might i add, LOW NORMAL!! yay! i was so worried and just decided worrying isn't going to solve anything, but prayer sure will :) so PRAISE JESUS. Below are some Week 28 photos

AND everyone is asking about G Diapers...so here's the scoop: they are earth-friendly diapers, all natural, chlorine-free, completely chemical free, biodegradable, and they have some research that they actually prevent diaper rash! i had no idea, but guess how long it takes for a diaper to biodegrade in a landfill...okay, did you guess... 500 YEARS!!! OMGOSHH i had no idea! I'm not crazy green, we're trying to learn and be more green, but I'm in no way a tree hugger--BUT i do know that's not good! so these diapers protect the environment our little guy is about to grow up and live in. they are basically a hybrid between cloth and traditional disposable diapers. ALSO-- KEY THOUGHT- you flush them- so your house doesn't smell like a big diaper, which I'm a huge fan of! we'll see how well this all works :) so you buy the shells for them and then buy inserts sep. and the shells stay with them forever, so you can use these all the way until they're potty trained (wow isn't that a long shot from here- haha) BUT I'm pretty excited about them- yes there's a lot of critics of our idea, but we are committed to them and excited to see how well they work- we've heard great things from our friends who use them... here's the website, you can watch the videos on how they work under "watch" www.gdiaper.com


We just had to get a belly shot of Dave ;) i don't want him to feel left out ;) ... too bad his is a 6 pack and mine looks like a 6 pack about to explode! HAHA
aww Belly needs a belly shot too ;)

these were taken before we headed to our Bradley Childbirth classes on Weds