Sunday, March 4, 2012

Noah's NEW big boy room, silly bath time and 21 months!

So below are pics of Noah's new big boy room that he slept in last night for the first time- 21 months. the scary part was it being a whole new room, he adjusted great!

Noah being silly during bath time...just love his laughter- we are soo blessed, he is full of it!

PLEASE ignore my no make-up self- it was late, i had pneumonia and was on bed rest...yes, this was my only activity of the whole day! haha and mind you i'm not chubby, i'm prego! haha

Friday, March 2, 2012

Bed Rest 3/1/12

So...since our exciting news...some not so good news :(
I have been feeling pretty rotten for the last month, bad cough sinus infection, etc. Noah and I have been passing it back and forth and i've been trying to fight it with natural supplements and about 2 weeks ago finally said i need an antibiotic to prevent me from giving it back to Noah. Funny got worse! so I figured it must just be a virus, so i'll just have to stick it out- no big deal. Meanwhile i'm short of breath (SOB for you medical professionals) for a month or so now- since my cough started...fatigue easily, etc, etc and didn't think anything of it- i just kept thinking it was the pregnancy...then saying, WAIT i shouldn't be short of breath- i'm not losing lung space...yet-- and then i would tell myself it just must be how my body is adjusting to the increased blood volume...on and on justifying my symptoms...Wednesday i woke up after working late on call Mon and Tues and told Dave -reluctantly- to take Noah to school b/c i was just so weak i needed rest. ---SIDE NOTE--- i felt sooooo guilty b/c my call days are my days to pretend to be a stay at home mom- i get to spend the entire day with Noah- we go to the park, gymboree, out to lunch, etc, etc-- so the mommy guilt was killing me----so i laid back down after they left for work/school and fell asleep until noon!! holy moly! aparently i needed it! as im getting ready i have to keep sitting down b/c i was so weak. stubborn self decided to call my CNM on my way to work - she asked me to come in so she could listen to my lungs....ding ding lungs---all of a sudden it hit me...PNEUMONIA! of course as a health care prof i know all the signs and symptoms, but dont see them in myself--gosh i felt like an still hoping for good news- i drove over and she said...ywp- Ash, you have pneumonia and your left side is pretty bad :( you're on bed rest until monday...eughhh--worst thing for a hyperactive person like yes- i cried...can you believe i cried- haha (i'll blame this on the hormones! haha) she then reminded me to not get off the couch or i could end up like my own patients on ECMO--reminded me how scary pneumonia is in pregnancy b/c your heart and lungs are already overtaxed from the baby...and scared the everything out of me--which, to be honest, is what i needed. One HUGE benefit to a birth center- they get to knwo you and you ge to know them and i think she knew if she didn't remind me i would be out and about...sooo i've been a good girl and only left to go pick up noah (a car ride) yesterday and today to lunch with hubby :) so here's to hoping for a clear diagnosis when i return on monday :)

Meanwhile, i have had lots of time to shop...oops! and read others blogs...i'm so inspired- i want to learn how to make mine pretty and promises :) but i did find this below survey for pregnancy that i thought was fun...thanks Kelli, check out her blog here

How far along? 21 weeks tomorrow
Total weight gain: 0!!woowhoo
Maternity clothes? YES! i was afraid of them and refused for so long last time...then i realized how fabulous maternity pants are...soo comfy :) this time i was ready for them! And this baby is SOOO much lower than Noah was, so it was more uncomfortable
Stretch marks? no---btw my biggest fear!
Sleep: YES PLEASE :) i dont have any sleep problems thankfully :)
Best moment this week: feeling all the awesome kicks :)
Miss Anything? a glass of wine with a nice dinner...its just not the same :/
Movement: LIKE CRAZY! started at about 17 weeks and now i can feel full arm swoops, etc. and pretty constant all day :)
Food cravings: No- actually the opposite- its such a burden to eat- if i could get an IV of food all day so i didn't have to- i'd be happy :)
Anything making you queasy or sick: yea- every time i'm hungry i'm queesy and nothing sounds good so its basically constant downward spiral haha
Gender: BOY!!
Labor Signs: No
Belly Button in or out? innie
Wedding rings on or off? i had to take my big ring off :( not because i'm swollen but because it was infecting my finger :( which is terrible b/c i NEVER take it off...but luckily-- my last PUSH PRESENT was a wedding band on the other side of the ring that i purposefully didn't get saudered, so i have that on :)
Happy or Moody most of the time: HAPPY :)
Looking forward to: not being on bed rest anymore :) and spending the weekend with my 2.5 boys :)

Have a great weekend everyone!