Monday, September 27, 2010

5 month photos

well we went to the Dr again today for more shots...we're doing the Dr Bob's delayed he got 2 today and was a total champ!! he's such a strong boy! he cries when they stick him and then as soon as you pick him up and cuddle him- hes fine and laughing at the nurse! haha we are so lucky! here are his pics with his new 5 month stats...

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Noah- 5 months old

Well i just can't believe it, but Noah will be 5 months old on the 28th!!! tihs is just CRAZY to me!! my sweet lil baby is growing do i make it stop?
Noah is THE most amazing baby EVER!! he's sooo happy,smiling all the time, content as can be. He TALKS sooo much its insane! please visit the snapfish link i posted below- there's a video of him talking...he willdo this for ENTIRE car rides! he also does it in the morning when he wakes up for about a half an hour!
He sleeps 12-13 hours everynight and has beensince he was about 3 months old.
i'm so thankful i've been able to exclusively breastfeed this entire time and hope to for at least6 months and would love to for his benefit for a year, but i told Dave and myself, after 6 months i won't pressure myself as much,BUT i was a pumping nazi when i was home with him- before i went back to work and have over 300 ozs frozen (we bought a deep freezer forit) even if i make it to 10 months, the frozenwill last us a while :)
Miss Shannon (Noah's nanny) is amazing and sooooooo good with him! Dave and I are back in grad school--crammminngggg in classes to get done sooner, so she stays with him Thurs nights whilewe're both in class. everyone keeps asking if i'm going to back off onwork, but i just feel so comfortable with her that i never haveto worry about him-- actually SHES teaching us a lot! haha so that makes it a lot easier on me :)
sometimes i do wish i could be part-time-- mostly the days when things aren't going well atwork- haha, but for the most part i love what i do and enjoy being able to help save other babies lives everyday :)

We decided to wait on starting solids for Noah untilhe's 6 months old. i read a ton of research (yes,i'm THAT nerd! haha) and it just seems to all recommend waiting until 6 months- that breastmilk is all they need right now. so,until he starts waking up inthe night OR turns 6 months well wait. however, this was hard for me b/c i'm SOOOO excited to start making his puree's... i already bought the freezer trays: and the beaba baby cook: and a ton of recipe books....BUT decided that my own excitement was trumped by what's best for Noah :)
sooo besides being completely inlove with Noah and wanting to snuggle him all day long- we're doing well!!

We miss everyone so much, please post or send us an email- i'd love to hear from you all! we've been so busy, its hard to keep up with leave a post for us :)

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