Sunday, August 22, 2010

update...Noah is almost 4 months old!

WOW sorry its been so long since i've has been crazy and i no longer have the time on the internet i used to :)
so Noah is the most fabulous, happy, fun baby EVER...thank you Lord for that! b/c the 1st 3 months with him weren't exactly so... he was just not ready to be in the world yet, i guess :) so now he smiles, LOVES to play in his play soooo strong- he holds my fingers with his hands and can pull himself all the way up to standing and then stand there! he's been doing that for about a month now...AMAZING! he sleeps 12-13 hours a night consistently (knock on wood) and talks up a storm...really haha

so basically we are totally in love with him :)
i went back to work about a month ago and its been going well...minus waking up at 4 am and being completely exhausted some days, its been pretty good. our nanny is FABULOUS...did i mention fabulous? she helps keep the house clean and does laundry all the time and most importantly, loves and takes amazing care of Noah! i think he sleeps better with her than me! she worked and trained at a montesori here in Mt Pleasant and has a wealth of knowledge about babies and their care-- that our family has def. benefited from!

dave has been traveling for work :( he was gone last week and mom came to stay with Noah and I and he's also leaving this week and i'm on 1st call...the dreaded combo! ahh! so our nanny will be spending the week with Noah and I incase i get called in or work late, she will be here to care for him :) PS the nanny's name is Shannon...i'll just call her that from now on :) so hopefully this week isn't a disaster- i have to admit i'm a lil worried...say a prayer for us :)

Mike and Tara's wedding is coming up soon!! (my sister-in-law) on sept 19th, so we're excited to see everyone soon!! and we're so happy its here on Daniel Island too :) we have all matching outfits...Noah's gonna look like a lil pimp :) hehe

we also start grad school this week :( eughh i just want this to be OVER SOOO bad so i can be a wife and mom...its such a burden right now. i try to havea good attitude and learn and take it all in, but its really hard when Noah's at home and i'd rather be learning more about making babyfood than business law! haha for those of you who don't know...Dave and i are in teh MBA program at the Citadel- we're about half way-- he's 2 classes ahead of me b/c of his business undergrad :( soo i had everything planed out that we could take one inclass course and one online, so i'd only have to be away for 1 night a week- esp b/c i'm TRYING to breastfeed for close to a year (or at least until i have enough frozen milk to make it a year) sooo i just found out i have to take 2 in class courses this semester adn 2 online next semester...good for later, bad for now :( so i'll be in class on tues adn thursdays...and Noah will pry be in bed when i get home---eughh this is gonna be really tough, but Dave adn i decided it will be better for him for us to be gone now than when he's walking adn talking and asking where we are :( its just gonna be tough on me now! i really hope i can keep up with his growing appetite as we'll see how it all goes :) i'm thankful we've made it this far exclusively breastfeeding :)

AND i'm going to be making his i know exactly what he's eating adn it will be all fresh and organic (hopefully local as well!) so i'm excited for that-- if anyone has tips, i'd love them! i bought containers to freeze it we'll see how this new endeavor goes :) hehe

i guess that's it for now!! miss and love you all! i'll try to post more videos tomorrow :)

Dave, AShley, Noah, Bella and Roomba too ;)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

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