Sunday, April 22, 2012

Potty Training/update

Wow its been a while since i posted...sorry! its been busy and mainly, i've been nesting!!!
the nursery is all ready...clothes up to 9 months folded and organized, NEW cloth diapers ready to try, crib set up ( this makes me laugh b/c i made this mistake of setting it all up with Noah only to realize he didn't sleep in it for a couple months) but i did it again :)  there's just something nice about being able to sit back, relax and enjoy the last few months...stress free!
i have my glucose check this week, but here's the pregnancy update so far:

How far along? 28 weeks
Total weight gain: not sure, but I'm sure or at least i hope I've gained at least 5 b/c there is an obvious bump and if I'm not gaining weight...somethings wrong ;)
Stretch marks? no!!! shew
Sleep: pretty good...just a little tossing and turning...luckily i sleep really hard so the baby movements don't wake me.  i only wake once- if that to pee in the night, so nothing to complain about here
Best moment this week: Noah going pee pee on the potty!!!
Miss Anything? humm still wine ;)
Movement: LIKE CRAZY!hes active most of the day- i felt the first hiccups at i think 26 weeks adn they are daily now- so cute!
Food cravings: No- actually the opposite- its such a burden to eat- if i could get an IV of food all day so i didn't have to- i'd be happy :)
Anything making you queasy or sick: not really...
Gender: BOY!!
Labor Signs: No, but some serious BH's!
Belly Button in or out? half and half- its flat with my stomach now! not much longer until its an outie! haha
Wedding rings on or off? both are off now :(  boo!! worst part about this pregnancy my rings make my finger really red and itchy :( 
Happy or Moody most of the time: HAPPY, but i've been super emotional...i bawled through Hunger Games!! haha my poor hubby was like uhh are you ok?! i just can't imagine it being one of my terrible :(
Looking forward to: Noah's 2nd Birthday is next week and heading to Ohio for the Dowell wedding in a week  
now on to potty training:
soooo... Noah has been going VERY infrequently on the potty for over 2 months now, has been showing interest, is havig dry diapers frequently, etc, he's showing all the signs.  i decided to take friday off and begin the journey.  we are using the GFI method our church uses called potty training 1-2-3 by the Ezzo's who also attend our church...amazing people btw... so i read the book, got all the supplies, woke up eager and ready! 
  everyone has been telling me he's sooo young, blah blah...but he was showing me the signs and really-- other cultures potty train children way younger- so is he really too young?! anywho-- i decided to go with his signs and give it a try- being completely open minded- if he was resistant or didn't want to in any way- we'd stop
day 1: AMAZING!  (ps dave told me i should never use the word amazing followed by potty training in the same sentence! haha)  he did great! 1 accident in the AM (totally my fault- he was saying pee pee and i thought he was saying something else- so i kept on washing he's running to the potty as its dripping out of his cotton training pants onto the floor--- so he was trying, just needed help and i didn't give it :(  he only had one real accident that day.  the book emphasizes "Dry and clean" over him actually peeing-- b/c its not about performance per se- its about him keeping his pants dry and clean and the HOW is by using the potty...anyways- day 1 went great
day 2:  a little more frustrating- when he woke up we went through the routine with Mr Bear, etc. he went the first time on the potty then later was running around the house like a nutball and soon enough he's crying saying potty!!  so he had an accident :(  but we are doing great b/c he is starting to initiate it, he is understanding how to go on the potty and still interested.   he had swimming lessons this am- which we should have just skipped but i thought we would try it...sure enough we get in the car start driving and "momma, pee pee!!!!" with pure and utter urgency in his voice!! so dave pulls over- we try to get him to go in the grass- haha soo not happening so we put him int he car and drove as fast as we could to the rec center...get there rush him into potty and he held it!!! and went in the potty!! seriously i think this was the proudest moment of my mommy life! HAHA we were cheering and dancing and i didn't care who saw or heard :) the sweet lady in there was clapping for him! haha we had a birthday party that night- he did great.  when we got home and he was sitting there he has recently started crying when he has to go- so he will cry and i think he's scared or overwhelmed with the sensation-- b/c he cries until he starts to pee, then he stops crying, so it was pretty intense tonight and i started to wonder if we need to back off until he understands what that feeling is
day 3: accident #1 early in am--as he was running around like a nutball- haha  i am starting to think running and peeing must go together! haha then the rest of the day no accidents!!! now night time and nap time will require diapers for a while- some say up to a year for no rush on that, but for the most part- he has it!! i'm so proud of him at 23 months to have a grasp on it all.  its a process- from what i hear and will be a long one at that- but we are happy he is taking so well to it.  

i wanted to try it now and if not wait until after baby- i didn't want to try to do it in teh middle of all the transitions... so here's to Noah and beginning the adventure of potty training!!

Saturday, April 7, 2012