Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Weekend w/ Noah

So Ashley went to a conference this past weekend and it gave me a guys weekend with Noah. It was a crazy weekend in a way because I also had Bella and her buddy (Scott and Elizabeth's dog) Canyon who was visiting. So I had 3 sets of eyes on me most the time and I was busy juggling tasks left and right. I loved it though because it gave me time to bond with Noah. A lot of times it is tough since we don't get home until a little after 5 and then its play time, a walk, bath and bed. Not much time in there and I don't often get to feed him before he goes to bed. But of course I got to feed him all weekend long. So we did what every guy did on Saturday and Sunday....watched lots of football. It was great football weekend as Ohio State won, Cleveland Won and Pittsburgh lost...woohoo heh heh heh. I taught him well :). We also did do some errand running and took walks with both the dogs. He was very good for me and played and took naps easily. The tough part has been putting him to bed at night. He always fusses for me on Tuesday nights (when Ashley has class)...however he was perfectly fine and he even fell asleep in my arms one night. That is probably one of the best experiences because it is so cute. (BTW he did that again tonight after fussing, I started singing to him which calmed him down, his favorite song is Father Abraham). Anyways it was a great weekend and I am glad I got to bond with him and have some guy time.