Monday, December 14, 2009

20 weeks...Baby kicks and 1/2 WAY there!!!!

OMGOODNESSS sooo somehow here we are at 20 weeks...half way done/there!!!! i can't even believe it!! only 3 days until we find out what the sex is...can't even wait for that moment!! good thing this week is busy (helps keep my mind off of it)
i feel fantastic :) i have energy to workout and work and be a "normal" human again!! its truly wonderful :) i'm starting to get more of a belly...Dave and I think its deff obvious, even though everyone still says they can't see it...hehe however, i'm not sure i want the opposite: people telling me how huge i am...HAHA... i'm sure that will come, so for now, i'll enjoy the: "wow... i didn't even know you were pregnant" comments.
WE FEEL THE BABY KICKING!! i have been feeling little flutters and such for a couple weeks now, but nothing that was obviously the baby...until last Weds night i was laying in bed, talking to Dave on the phone (he's at OSU for 2 weeks for work) and WHOAAAAA there's an alien in my belly trying to get out!!! soooo amazing, scary, freaky, sweet, many words to describe the feeling haha... so i wasn't sure if it felt huge b/c i could feel it inside or if you could really feel it from the outside... so baby kept kicking all night... it was kind of freaking me out b/c it was wild!! Dave was, of course, sad because he wasn't there to feel it :(
i went to work on Friday and was on bypass and felt it again!!! so my student, Courtney tried to feel it and screamed!!! haha she was like whoa-- that was a kick!! its very confirmed... baby kicks CAN be felt from the outside....

this past weekend i went to Ohio to see Dave and family (we went to the Nutcracker, shopping and all that fun stuff) and Dave got to feel it both nights!! so amazing and truly makes it real for me now!! as i sit here typing... baby is kicking...violently!! i can only imagine how its goign to feel when it gets bigger!!! wow!

we went to babies r us and added more items to our registry :) a super sweet guy helped us look at strollers, etc... and i think we found some great stuff!! super excited about it all :) just can't wait to find out the sex to begin all the real planning :) we have all the border down for the nursery and the room is all cleaned out :)

can't wait for Thursday!!! keep the votes and comments coming...we love them :)

Dave, Ashley, Bella and Baby Hodge

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Only 1 week left

Only 1 week left till we get to find out the gender! Everyone we talk to thinks it is going to be a boy...not a single person has guessed a girl. So it will be interesting to see! I added a new poll to the for the gender!