Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Only 1 week left

Only 1 week left till we get to find out the gender! Everyone we talk to thinks it is going to be a boy...not a single person has guessed a girl. So it will be interesting to see! I added a new poll to the for the gender!


  1. Am I the first to post a comment? woohoo. Well, I just have to say that I was convinced I was having a girl. Not sure why, but I really thought it. Then, we had the ultrasound, and it was plain as day that this baby was NOT a girl. I almost had to do a double take to make sure. I am so happy I have my little boy! Whether this little one is a boy or girl, I know they will be so sweet, adorable, and definitely loved! Enjoy this journey, and I can't wait to find out! The only reason I predict a boy is because of the way Ashley is carrying the baby:) Of course, everyone is different so I could be way off. what do I know? I've only done this once...

  2. Hey--It's Michele. I voted girl. Not sure why. Before I said boy but I'm just going with girl now and sticking to it. Regardless I will LOVE that babe for sure and our little girl will have someone to play with. :) Good luck next week! Hope baby 'cooperates.' Now is NOT the time for modesty. Signing off to enjoy my late night bowl of cereal... mmmm!

  3. For the sake of the baby's future dating life, I am hoping for a boy. Can you imagine if it's a girl and the boyfriend has to meet David for the first time? Yikes!

  4. i want it to be a girl sooooo we can make sure that lil girl is sooo stylish....but you have me convinced that it's a thats my vote....peer pressure!!! love you guys!!!


  5. i dont know why but i think girl. it really doesnt matter which it is as long as it starts sleeping all night at 2 months i will say this girls are drama queens right off the bat but theyre fun so are boys. whatever the sex i know you'll both be good parents and melba and scott will be great as grandparent. daves parents as well. good luck!!!heather matson

  6. haha-- thanks for the comments everyone :) it makes us happy :)
    and yes anna, if they say girl i might fall off the table b/c i'm so convinced--but this poll is making me think... hehe
    Michele-- funny you jumped teams... we'll soon find out!!
    Misty-- love it!! hilarious :)
    Heather-- AMEN sister... now i need lessons from the pro on how to make that happen ;)

  7. It will be a boy, 100% positive. Short sweet and too the point!!! Good luck guys I am happy for both of you.

    Chris Sopkovich

  8. haha-- thanks Chris :) we'll soon find out
    miss ya!!