Friday, March 2, 2012

Bed Rest 3/1/12

So...since our exciting news...some not so good news :(
I have been feeling pretty rotten for the last month, bad cough sinus infection, etc. Noah and I have been passing it back and forth and i've been trying to fight it with natural supplements and about 2 weeks ago finally said i need an antibiotic to prevent me from giving it back to Noah. Funny got worse! so I figured it must just be a virus, so i'll just have to stick it out- no big deal. Meanwhile i'm short of breath (SOB for you medical professionals) for a month or so now- since my cough started...fatigue easily, etc, etc and didn't think anything of it- i just kept thinking it was the pregnancy...then saying, WAIT i shouldn't be short of breath- i'm not losing lung space...yet-- and then i would tell myself it just must be how my body is adjusting to the increased blood volume...on and on justifying my symptoms...Wednesday i woke up after working late on call Mon and Tues and told Dave -reluctantly- to take Noah to school b/c i was just so weak i needed rest. ---SIDE NOTE--- i felt sooooo guilty b/c my call days are my days to pretend to be a stay at home mom- i get to spend the entire day with Noah- we go to the park, gymboree, out to lunch, etc, etc-- so the mommy guilt was killing me----so i laid back down after they left for work/school and fell asleep until noon!! holy moly! aparently i needed it! as im getting ready i have to keep sitting down b/c i was so weak. stubborn self decided to call my CNM on my way to work - she asked me to come in so she could listen to my lungs....ding ding lungs---all of a sudden it hit me...PNEUMONIA! of course as a health care prof i know all the signs and symptoms, but dont see them in myself--gosh i felt like an still hoping for good news- i drove over and she said...ywp- Ash, you have pneumonia and your left side is pretty bad :( you're on bed rest until monday...eughhh--worst thing for a hyperactive person like yes- i cried...can you believe i cried- haha (i'll blame this on the hormones! haha) she then reminded me to not get off the couch or i could end up like my own patients on ECMO--reminded me how scary pneumonia is in pregnancy b/c your heart and lungs are already overtaxed from the baby...and scared the everything out of me--which, to be honest, is what i needed. One HUGE benefit to a birth center- they get to knwo you and you ge to know them and i think she knew if she didn't remind me i would be out and about...sooo i've been a good girl and only left to go pick up noah (a car ride) yesterday and today to lunch with hubby :) so here's to hoping for a clear diagnosis when i return on monday :)

Meanwhile, i have had lots of time to shop...oops! and read others blogs...i'm so inspired- i want to learn how to make mine pretty and promises :) but i did find this below survey for pregnancy that i thought was fun...thanks Kelli, check out her blog here

How far along? 21 weeks tomorrow
Total weight gain: 0!!woowhoo
Maternity clothes? YES! i was afraid of them and refused for so long last time...then i realized how fabulous maternity pants are...soo comfy :) this time i was ready for them! And this baby is SOOO much lower than Noah was, so it was more uncomfortable
Stretch marks? no---btw my biggest fear!
Sleep: YES PLEASE :) i dont have any sleep problems thankfully :)
Best moment this week: feeling all the awesome kicks :)
Miss Anything? a glass of wine with a nice dinner...its just not the same :/
Movement: LIKE CRAZY! started at about 17 weeks and now i can feel full arm swoops, etc. and pretty constant all day :)
Food cravings: No- actually the opposite- its such a burden to eat- if i could get an IV of food all day so i didn't have to- i'd be happy :)
Anything making you queasy or sick: yea- every time i'm hungry i'm queesy and nothing sounds good so its basically constant downward spiral haha
Gender: BOY!!
Labor Signs: No
Belly Button in or out? innie
Wedding rings on or off? i had to take my big ring off :( not because i'm swollen but because it was infecting my finger :( which is terrible b/c i NEVER take it off...but luckily-- my last PUSH PRESENT was a wedding band on the other side of the ring that i purposefully didn't get saudered, so i have that on :)
Happy or Moody most of the time: HAPPY :)
Looking forward to: not being on bed rest anymore :) and spending the weekend with my 2.5 boys :)

Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. Hope you get to feeling better soon girl! SIT YOUR BUTT DOWN and rest!

  2. I hope you start feeling better soon! I know bed rest is difficult for someone as energetic and active as you ; ) Congrats on having a little boy! I'm sure Noah is excited to have a little brother!