Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Gender Announcement

So on Monday we had our 20 week ultrasound. we told the US tech that we didn't want to know the gender, but instead wanted her to do something for us. i brought a bag that had one pair of boy shoes and one pair of girl shoes- after she did the gender part of the US she left the room and put the right gender shoes in the bag. i told her to just donate the others. here's photos from the US:

the bag all ready to go!!
The shoes

4 chambers of the heart...MORE important than fingers and toes to a perfusionist :)

3-D... saying no pictures please!
so cute! it was sleeping the whole ultrasound

i'm such a nerd, but how cool is this shot-- LVOT and aorta!!

We planned on going out to eat at dave's fav: PF Chang's, BUT the electronic leash wouldn't let me be free-- AKA i got called in for a liver transplant, so we had the babysitter on call incase i got out in time, but it didn't work out that way. Dave and I couldn't wait, so we decided take out would work just fine- as long as we had each other :) So i picked up PF Changs on my way home and when i got home Dave had a cute little candle and the table cleared. We ate part of our dinner and had to stop and open it b/c we were dying! I made Dave open it b/c i couldnt do it! haha as you can see by the pics we're just elated its another little BOY!!!

We told the grandparents we weren't going to find out, so we wanted to make it a surprise to them too! So on Tuesday am i called and ordered pink and blue flower bouquets with baby's breath that had a poem on them that lead them to pick up a cake at the local bakery. I ordered a cake with yellow frosting all the way around and a white question mark on top. the cake was chocolate with blue frosting inbetween the layers, so they would have to cut into the cake to find out the gender. We told them they had to wait until that evening to skype with us...little did we know i would end up working AGAIN doing another emergency :( sooo we had to postpone the cake cutting until late at night :( thankfully they waited until i got home, but as you can see on the video it was's the debut on Hodge Baby #2 to the grandparents :)

Mimi and Grandfather Announcement:

Nana and Pops announcement

soooo--- ITS A BOY!!!
and so far he looks just like his big brother, Noah and his daddy :)

We are so happy and blessed to bring another little boy into this world...can't wait to meet him and learn all about him :)
Mommy, Daddy and Noah


  1. congrats on another diesel!!

  2. Why are y'all so stinking cute! So excited for you guys. Another little handsome boy!
    PS-how about I see you and that belly soon!

  3. Love this idea and so happy for all of you! These brothers can play football together. :)

  4. aww thanks guys :) we are so excited!! Belly pics were a post right before :) and more next week! miss you Frankie!