Friday, February 3, 2012

17 weeks (2/3/2012)

We went to our CNM appointment yesterday and here's the stats:
HR: 150's *Noah's were constantly 130-140's
still feeling sick at night :( its gotten better for sure, but still is yucky probably 3 nights a week on average-- they say it should stop by 17 weeks-- oh wait, they first said it should stop by 12 weeks, then 14, now 17...basically i've learned to cope, so i'm not sure what i would do without it ;) i might turn into superwoman! haha
weight gain: 0!!! wooowhoo...of course i get the typical "are you eating" "what are you eating" "are you so sick you are vomiting everything you eat" all of which questions totally FREAKED me out with Noah... i was so worried something was wrong since i wasn't gaining weight- they had me start eating 80 grams (YES 80 GRAMS) of protein a day and having a milkshake every night.... this time, not so freaked out- i looked back and i had the same weight trend...lost 4, gained 2, gained 2- back to net 0 and then slowly gained until the end in spurts-- and everything was fine, so i'm not freaking out this time- i think its just how my body works pregnant :)

so...all is well...and we have the anatomy/ gender ultrasound scheduled..!!! now, we just need to decide if we are going to find out or not ;/ any thoughts...?!

and sorry--we're lacking photos for this post- maybe we'll take them tomorrow :)

The Hodge's


  1. I vote surprise too!

  2. Cute page! And yes you should find out....just because I want to know! ;p Molly

  3. Find out because we all want to know!! Plus, Emily had heart rates in the 150s (and yes I know they say heart rate has nothing to do with it) so I'm thinking girl!! ~ Becky

  4. I LOVED the surprise and it's fun to have everyone guessing the whole way through until him/her comes out, but I agree with Molly, I can't wait to find out ;) xoxo Pardi

  5. Find out so I can know what to buy the lil nugget! xoxo

  6. Looks like the verdict is find out...

  7. Can't wait to hear! Do you know yet? ,