Sunday, February 26, 2012

Noah Sicky Pants

So about a month ago Noah got sick with a high fever and vommitted, so we took him into the pediatrician, they said he had a double ear infection and a sinus infection :( i felt terrible b/c we had no idea he was even sick until he spiked the fever. he is almost 22 months and hasn't been sick ONCE --YES i'm a HUGE believer in breastfeeding :) some of it probably has to do with his daddies impeccable immune system as well :)
so we decided to start an antibiotic b/c he was completely lethargic, etc, etc-- i'm VERY anti-antibiotics, so he was sick if i decided to go with them :) did 10 days of antibiotic, Noah was better-- we all got sick AGAIN! he fevered again, went back to pedi who decided to do the rocephin injections...they are Im injections in his thigh- for 3 days...he was a complete champ! he said to come back in a week to check that the right ear infection was gone, if not we shoudl probably do an ENT consult...which was totally frustrating to me considering this was his first ear infection. tubes are typically used for kids with recurrent infections, not their first! BUT he wanted to consult with them since we tried 2 different antibiotics and neither were able to kick a week later--and TONS of chiropractic visits later...PS-- did you know Chriopractors are able to adjust their ear? they do it to me when i have sinus infections and it is AMAZING the relief i get immediately- so they have told me before they were able to prevent kids from getting i figured it was worth trying- on top of the other herbal immune boosting support we were giving him. the day i took him to chiro he spiked a fever again (last wednesday) and he said i should take him back to pedi after he looked in his ear he said it was REAL went to pedi as soon as we left chiro's office- and he said we needed an URGENT ENT visit the next day (it was 5pm at this point) and the office would call b/c he said his ear was pussing, raging red with infection and buldging from pressure" i was worried sick for my little baby...we prayed over him that night that God would heal his ear. after 2 physicians looking at it telling us it was bad--it would be obvious that it was God if it were healed...long story short- all the ENT's were in surgery that day adn didn't have any clinic appointments...sooo i walked down a couple OR's to ask him his thoughts--HUGE perk to working in the OR- haha Dr White is one of our fantastic ENT guys at MUSC- he said to bring him in as soon as we could and he would look at him in the PACU between dave brought him down and Dr White took a look and said hsi right side was perfect, and the left had some fluid, but wasn't infected!!! woowhooo he said hes fine and everything looked structurally fine :) sooo.. PTL for healing our sweet babies ear and preventing him from getting tubes :)

just wanted to give a shout out to Jesus from the Hodge Family :)

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