Thursday, February 4, 2010

Week 28...DIABETES FREE--whoowhoo

YAY...YIPPIE...HORRAYYY... all my glucose tests came back normal, might i add, LOW NORMAL!! yay! i was so worried and just decided worrying isn't going to solve anything, but prayer sure will :) so PRAISE JESUS. Below are some Week 28 photos

AND everyone is asking about G here's the scoop: they are earth-friendly diapers, all natural, chlorine-free, completely chemical free, biodegradable, and they have some research that they actually prevent diaper rash! i had no idea, but guess how long it takes for a diaper to biodegrade in a landfill...okay, did you guess... 500 YEARS!!! OMGOSHH i had no idea! I'm not crazy green, we're trying to learn and be more green, but I'm in no way a tree hugger--BUT i do know that's not good! so these diapers protect the environment our little guy is about to grow up and live in. they are basically a hybrid between cloth and traditional disposable diapers. ALSO-- KEY THOUGHT- you flush them- so your house doesn't smell like a big diaper, which I'm a huge fan of! we'll see how well this all works :) so you buy the shells for them and then buy inserts sep. and the shells stay with them forever, so you can use these all the way until they're potty trained (wow isn't that a long shot from here- haha) BUT I'm pretty excited about them- yes there's a lot of critics of our idea, but we are committed to them and excited to see how well they work- we've heard great things from our friends who use them... here's the website, you can watch the videos on how they work under "watch"


We just had to get a belly shot of Dave ;) i don't want him to feel left out ;) ... too bad his is a 6 pack and mine looks like a 6 pack about to explode! HAHA
aww Belly needs a belly shot too ;)

these were taken before we headed to our Bradley Childbirth classes on Weds


  1. How are you liking the Bradley classes? It sounded like you have a big group in yours.

    We almost went with the G diapers, but since I'm home most of the week, I went with Bumgenius. Love them. Your house won't stink, contrary to popular opinion and it's nice that you won't be spending so much money on diapers that you just fill and throw away! I used to have to do laundry almost everyday, but now, I'm down to about 4 times a week. And Liam never gets diaper rash... unless he's in a disposable all day.

  2. i'm sorry, i cna't tell from your blog- who are you?! hehe