Thursday, February 18, 2010

Daddy's update

We are now going into the final quarter of pregnancy. The little one is crazy active and kicks pretty much all day long. It's cool to feel now because they are much bigger movements. I can feel a whole leg or hand (not sure which) go by in a big sweeping manner. The room is close to being setup except for the crib. It hasn't came yet and it is starting to make me wonder. It was on backorder but it seems like it is taking forever and we are getting close...ok I know we have 10 weeks but I guess I'd feel better if that was up and ready.

The bad news is that Ashley hasn't felt well these past few days. Something she ate or some kind of bug has gotten to her and it hasn't been pleasent. I'll spare the details but it was enough to keep her home to sleep and rest for 2 days and require some medications. Thanksfully the drugs helped keep the nausea down. She had to drink gatorade too because the electrolytes would help rehydrate for the baby. He's been without much food and water during this time but he's a toughy and trooping it out. He sure doesn't show any signs of weakness with the all day soccer games he is playing in Ashley's belly!

Well I can't wait to see the little guy! We are getting closer! I am very excited. I also have a new video to upload but need to figure out how to shrink it. Till next time!

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