Saturday, January 23, 2010

Week 26...almost 27


So in the last 2 weeks we have started our Bradley Natural Childbirth classes (wed's for 2.5 hrs for 12 weeks!!) this is some serious stuff! haha we have 8 other couples due about the same time as us in our class. we have already learned SOOOO much! our instructor is amazing... she's also a doula, international lactation consultant (with 700 certifications), post-delivery doula and much much more. so we have learned a TON about breastfeeding and a ton of other things :) and the best part is we get to do a "relaxation" session each class where we get massaged by our hubby's!!! H-E-A-V-E-N haha

we also started our accounting for executives in our MBA course, which has deff. added a lot of stress to our already busy lives. (keep in mind a week prior i told Dave i couldn't wait to start school again b/c i was BORED! HA) i knew i'd want to take that back ;) so say a prayer for us that we keep it all together- i've had a few break downs last week- just feeling totally overwhelmed with work, school, baby and life...nothing big, just the ususal begining of school breakdown! HAHA

i'm on call this weekend, and i've been having some issues the last couple times i was on call and worked all night- i got really sick and started having odd contractions and had to call teh DR- so we're just praying i don't get called in this decided we should lay low incase i do, i'm well rested..... sooo i decided to organize and clean... i think this is called NESTING! haha so i pinesol'd the ENTIRE baby room-- baseboards, closet, doors, windows...etc. then i got all his clothes washed and hung up :) SOOO exciting!!! i just can't wait to be able to hold him and dress him in them all!! we're both getting so excited!! its coming soon!!

just wish we had the furniture to put all the folded clothes into and the bedding on :) its back ordered, so hopefully we'll have it in a couple weeks

here's a pic of the furniture for the nursery... the bed converts into a toddler bed and then to a full sized bed- pretty cool!

we're also trying to find unique things for the nursery. the theme is under the sea: crabs, seahorses, fish, octopus, etc. so if you see anything cool, please leave me a comment! i want to find a nightlight for sure...

anyways, Dave is working away on a side project all weekend and then leaves monday for St louis and returns Weds am...and i think that's all that's new with us :)

Dave, Ashley, Bella and Baby Boy (nameless) Hodge...hehe

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