Monday, January 11, 2010

24 weeks.... 6 months!!! AND DAVE wins MVP award at work :)

Happy New Year everyone!!
we have had a busy last week... first and most exciting... Dave won the MVP award at Blackbaud!!! i'm so proud and excited for him- this is the "big" award and he so deserves it- he works very hard at what he does and always tries to help everyone else out....just like at home :) he's such an amazign guy and i'm so glad he was rewarded for his efforts!! yay baby!!!

we started our Bradley natural childbirth classes- they are on weds from 630-9 for 12 weeks!! wow- serious business :) hehe it was REALLY informative already! we learned exercise techniques and goals...which made me laugh- they recommend WALKING for 5 mins a day- to start off...HA! but i guess for people who don't workout much, you have to start small esp when you're prego :) we learned relaxation techniques... we lay on the floor on a pillow and tense our right foot, relax, then hubby massages it, then left foot, left leg, right leg.... omgosh it was heaven! all the women were asking if it were required at least 5 times a day! haha so that's the first tech. they teach during ontractions... sounds good to me! haha there are 8 couples in our class and EVERYONE except for 1 are having boys!!! (including twin boys) crazy! everyone we know is having a boy...odd. our goal for the week is to make sure we're eating at LEAST 100 gms of protein a day!! my jaw hit the floor and everyone else was just sitting there like it was no big deal- i think maybe they didn't understand what that meant-- eugh so i've been drinking protein shakes twice a day to get that amount in...

and lastly, we re-painted one room and painted the babies nursery. my wonderful friends: De and Elizabeth came over and helped me pick out colors, etc and i'm so happy with the results-- thanks ladies :)
so here's some pics below...we're also working on some videos...AND HUGE= i'm now 6 months prego!!! wow time has flown by!! i can't even believe it! i still feel great... a few uncomfortable moments, but really nothing to even mention...pray that it keeps goign this smooth :)
here's a belly pic at 23 weeks... i think you call this "i popped" haha... you can deff tell there's a belly now! people still don't notice it when i have clothes on, but i can now :)

this evening we went to dinner with our good friends, Matt and Kelly, to celebrate Matt and Dave's awards at Blackbaud and the server looked at me like i was crazy when i asked what kind of virgin drinks they had- then another prego couple sat beside us and the server said"its funny because 4 out of my 6 tables tonight have been pregnant" i wanted to say...make that 5/6...i'm prego too- that's why i asked for virgin drink- haha, but he didn't think i was, so we just left it go- kinda funny tho :)
Bella HAS to be with us everywhere we go--literally on top of whatever we're doing... yep- you guessed it- she laid in paint at least 3 times!! haha

we got all the carpets cleaned, so we had to move all the bedroom furniture-- thankfully, Dave, AGAIN, is amazing and wouldn't let me lift a finger- even though i think i'm quite capable :) so he moved everything himself--thanks again babe!

This is the old spare room-- the silly stripes that took us FOREVER to paint- are now getting painted over merely a year later! haha

the primer begins :)

the old owners used this as their nursery- soon to be our new spare room

just bein silly-- we both like Noah, but no, we haven't decided on a name yet- hehe

Bella wanted to help out!! haha

CUTEST dog EVER... hehe- she was looking out at the lake with ducks in it- wishing she were outside too :)
YAY!! new spare room...i LOVE how the color turned out- we also have white curtains with black rods up now as well as a new lamp :)... i broke that one when i lift it INTO THE FAN! haha oops

YAY- the OSU frame my mom got for Dave finally has a home- we love it :)

Daves idea... i love it!
looking into the room

the bathroom- thanks to Dave and De- is now painted... yellow- and we have a new curtain rod and the curtains are hung :)

the other side of the bathroom

Babies nursery!!! i'm so excited about the color- i wanted something kiddish...bright, but not too bright- and i think it turned out perfect. we painted the lamp blue to match the bedding and you can see the bedding laying there along with a few other Christmas gifts for the baby :)
the furniture is going to be ordered this week- its on back order- its a sleigh design in espresso- i think the dark wood will look great with the colors :)

close up on the bedding and a few other "under the sea" things we've gotten

and again...Bella laying on the fresh paint :) ... she already loves the babies room!

so- what do you think? any suggestions for nursery?
love you all
Dave, Ashley, Bella and Baby Boy

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  1. Hi Ashley, I went to church with you at River of Life when I was in high school and stmbled across this page I think through Rachel Amos. Anyway, just wanted to say congrats and that I hope you love the Bradley method! Liam was born this summer using that method and we were really pleased. He's big and healthy. And, yes, those 100 grams are soooo hard to get in! I really had a hard time with it and in the end my water broke prior to labor "officially" starting (I had contractions solid for 10 days :D). Next baby, I'm putting forth serious effort with the protein and hopefully it helps. Good luck with everything... I'm so happy to have another baby blog to read!

    Laura (Higgins) Burns