Monday, January 9, 2012

First Trimester Ultrasound

Today was our First Trimester Ultrasound at MUSC. Its so funny to already see how different these two babies are. Noah was a jumping bean- he would squat and jump and bang his head on the other side- to the point, the lady said, well- we'll just watch the show b/c i can't get any measurements like this! haha and that's exactly what he is today- a jumping bean-- :) This baby wouldn't move! she had be empty my bladder, jiggled my belly, poked it, squished it...nothing! once it moved its arm! haha it was facing the back all curled up. She almost had to do a vaginal US b/c she would get the measurements b/c it wouldnt move! haha WOW are they different already :) i'm really sick with this one and its not a big least not yet ;) the heart rate was 157 bpm (i need to look back at what Noah's was, but i know HR's dont have anything to do with the sex...) anyways, just happy for normal measurements and a healthy baby- PTL!
everyone keeps asking what gender we want...we both, honestly dont care. i love my boy to death and boys are so simple once they get older- tons of energy and work now, but seemingly simple later. i truly believe we need more boys in this world with Godly fathers and am blessed to have a boy who can follow after his amazing example, Dave...a brother would be simple for us too b/c we already have boy things...and noah would have a brother to bond and grow up with. a girl would be fun, for something different. i was such a girly girl, so it would be fun to do girly things and for Noah to have a sister. Dave i think would like a daughter, but loves having a, honestly, we are happy with a healthy baby :)
here are the images from today:

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