Tuesday, August 28, 2012

looking behind and now moving forward...

So...we're moving!

Talk about a roller coaster of emotions... We had a baby, interviewed for my dream job, got an offer for my dream job, accepted the offer, decided to move all in a matter of a month!! whoa...not to mention pregnancy hormones in there! haha 
So, we were offered a fantastic position with Nationwide Children's Hospital...the place i have wanted to work since Perfusion school.  they are innovative, cutting edge, ranked in top 5 Children's hospitals and have a wonderful team i get to join.  The surgeon is incredibly supportive and basically tailored a position for me...and i get to work with a close friend and classmate! The offer knocked our socks off- i literally fell on the floor when i read the offer and Dave's response was: "well i guess we're moving to Ohio!" haha  so God really has directed our path through this entire journey and we trust He will continue to.  BUT that doesn't lead to say it isn't emotional
I work with an amazing team of 9 (now 8) perfusionists who have taught me so very much about life, teaching, research and how to be a better perfusionist every day.  Gosh i hate to leave them all! We have a fabulous cardiac team of surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, ECMO team...i could go on and on...do you see how difficult of a decision this was?  BUT the work/life balance was off- i was working most nights when i was on call- getting out of work late, working most weekends i was on call- doing lectures at home at midnight on the couch, not getting rest, hadn't seen the gym in months- it was to the point it was affecting my life at home- i was tired and grumpy that i couldn't spend the time i wanted to with my family...so it was time. Contrary to popular belief i left MUSC for a better opportunity, not just for family.  
however, i can't tell you how excited i am to have my boys grow up with an aunt 10 minutes away and grandparents 45 minutes and 3 hours away. Dave and i both grew up next to our families and we wanted this for our boys as well.  

This journey has been emotional, leaving behind those we love so dearly who have made this our home for the past 4 years, our friends who we have grown so close to, girlfriends who are always there for dinner and girls nights out!, Dave's job that he loves dearly (he will be working remote)...but we feel this is where God is leading our path and are trusting in His faithfulness to see us through it all.  

Emotions such as leaving our first home...the first home we purchased, walked in to, painted and made our own, the home we brought Noah home to, the home Noah took his first steps in, the home we entertained our friends in, the room i nursed Noah in late at night and rocked him to sleep looking out the window, the home we newly brought Micah home to...how do you walk out of those doors, close the garage door and drive away?

I think You do it tearfully with hope deep down that you have made the right decision and that with time your decision will bring more joy to your family.

Say a prayer for our family as this is a huge transition for us and the boys, we are praying for a peaceful move and and easy transition for the boys!  So below are a few things i never want to forget about Charleston and a few things for those of you who have never lived in the South (it really is sunny every day)

Thank you to everyone who has made these last 4 years some of the most memorable years of our lives! We love you!!

Things We will MISS about Charleston

the beautiful Beaches
Serenity- everyone is so laid back and slow paced (note this is also something i will NOT miss haha)
Water surrounding everywhere you go
sounds of the ocean
Farmers Markets
sweet grass stands on the sides of the roads all the way home from work 
meeting friends on the beach for the day- cooler, chairs and a good book
Arthur Ravenel Bridge 
sayings: "yall" " i might could do that"  "mash that button"  "my buggy at the grocery store"
Noah saying "boats!"  every where we're driving
SUPER amazing restaurants downtown (Blossom, Magnolias, Fleet Landing)
historic downtown: carriage rides, the battery: 
Sunshine everyday...literally- even if it rains its usually sunny
October- the most fabulous month in Charleston
active lifestyle of everyone (everyone runs, kayaks, goes to the beach)
Palm Trees everywhere
double porches- Charleston style homes: 
Driving over the bridge on my way home from work looking at the Charleston Harbor and zoning out into the beach/salt-life
Splash Island on the weekends: 
fun tropical flowers
Charleston Birth Place
all of our close friends and co-workers who have made this our "home" for the last 4 years- we love you all!

Things We WONT MISS about Charleston

June, July, August
massive construction down HWY 17
brown grass all winter :(
downtown FLOODING- by flooding i mean here's the market on a normal day:
here's the market during high tide and a good rain: Photo: Great day for Kayaking at the Charleston Market- Photo by Nicholas J Winn

Anxiously watching the weather channel for every hurricane
The tropical storms that follow the hurricanes that miss Charleston
Serenity- everyone is so laid back and slow paced (sometimes i want to strangle people and tell them to get moving!)
DEER eating my lilies! 
driving home at 7am after working all night on call :( 
BIG BUGS (although I've never seen one in my house- cockroaches are just nasty!!)- love bugs, noseeems 


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