Monday, September 7, 2009



We're having a baby! Horraaayyyy! We've setup this blog so you all can join us in this first-time pregnancy journey and not feel so far away :). Check back soon for posts from Ashley, Dave and Bella on the progress.

Soon we will add the pics from sharing the news with our family.

Ashley, Dave, Bella & Baby Hodge with potential comments from other household members such as...Roombsters(the Roomba vacuum), Crabby McGee(the crab in the front yard) , Frank(Bella's green squeak toy) and Evil Frank(Bella's orange squeak toy w/ horns). (Yes we are dorks)


  1. YAY!! I am so happy for you guys!! And now the word is out so I can announce it on Facebook ;)

  2. congratulations ashley and dave and bella . how very exciting im sure ur mom is dying with excitiment. cant wait to see what ur having.

    heather m

  3. aww thanks girls!! we are so very excited :) and yes, my mother is elated!!
    and about the whole "finding out thing"... its still up in the air... the hometeam is in disagreement on it...sooo keep posted to see who wins this battle ;) HAHA

    love you all!

  4. OMG!!! Ashley & Dave, that is so awesome! Has Melba bought a house down the street yet? I am sure the house in Shelby is now officially on the market! What wonderful parents you will make! Michael & Kathleen

  5. HeHe-- hopefully she's working on the house thing ;)
    Thanks so much!! we are very excited and can't wait for this new adventure
    love n miss u guys :)
    Ashley & Dave

  6. Love the story and pictures. You will learn to love the roomba even more in 9 months.

  7. Ashley, Dave & Bella:

    What a wonderful blessing. I'm sure you will make awesome parents and Bella will be so protective. May the Lord Bless and keep all of you safe during this exciting time in your lives.

    Lois Aunt Lois, Stan, Staci & Kristen

  8. i love baby hodge and can't wait to be a grandma and play with the baby love you guys