Monday, November 2, 2009

week 13 ULTRASOUND pics!!!


So things have been very busy for the Hodge Family...Dave was at Ohio State for work last week, I flew in to Dallas for the AmSECT pediatric conference on Tuesday...Dave met me in Dallas on Friday, we both flew back to Charleston Sunday and Dave left again today for St Louis for a week again!! euughh... good thing i'm over the first trimester and have my energy back or i'd be draggin! hehe
I went today for my 1st sad Dave couldn't be there with me, but it was all good :) it was for the 1st trimester screening for downs and other chromosomal abnormalities...everything measured up perfect :) THANK YOU JESUS!!
so below are the pictures of the ultrasound... i'm measuring ahead of my due date a little... i'm calculated at 13 weeks 4 days and the baby is measuring 14 weeks 1 day (i know, very insignificant!) and the little one was jumping around like a JUMPING BEAN! it would squat and jump so hard it would bounce its head off the other side!! so funny! and it kept doing it- she said..."well i can't get any measurments with it jumping like that, i guess we'll just wait and watch the show!" HAHA so its already an active one its big sis, Bella ;) (as shes staring at me now whining for me to throw the ball )
i still haven't changed much body wise except i look bloated (like i spent the night in a dunkin donuts and ate everything in the store) HAHA we'll post pics this weekend when Dave gets home
other than that..all is well. we miss and love you all!!
Ashley, Dave, Bella & Baby Hodge
this was to measure the HR which was 147 know what that means!
this is of its cute lil can see its mouth is open... it kept opening and closing its mouth like a fish---she said its pry swallowing, which is a good sign that its a well developed function this early... i love its cute lil nose!!
this is when they were measuring its crown to rump size, but since it was doing crunches it wasn't very accurate- there's another one later where he/she uncurled its neck
you can see its legs at the bottom too
i call this one the alien one... looks kinda alienish but you can see both its arms and she counted 10 fingers :)

this is the other crown to rump measurement where it was uncurled and was measuring 14 weeks 1 day and again its legs were squatting about to take a huge JUMP again!! hehe
i love this one too... close up of the head and you can see the right hand in the background-- it was WAVING!! opening and closing its hand at the camera...saying"Hello everyone!"
this is about to take a jump again- you can see the squatted legs about to pounce! haha
this is the arm-- hand on the hip (attitude already) haha...but amazing to see the bones already!
this is the legs again...crossed at the bottom left and the head at the right
after it kept jumping it would spin around on its side so you could see its back... i think its the gymnast in me already working on fulls ;) haha but you can really see the spine again the head is at the right
this is looking up at the legs
she also did some 3D images for me!! this is the head at the top and the left arm across its torso and the legs below
this is another 3D with its left arm across its eyes and you can see its sitting indian style with its legs crossed...Dave and i both think its a boy even though you can't really tell :)
and the last one... with its arms in a praying position over its nose (head at top) and its lil knees tucked in... finally done jumping!! hehe

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  1. wow how exciting grandfather and mom mom melbie are so very excited love you guys we think its a boy

  2. Ashley, the pics are precious!~ I'm so excited for you guys! Are you going to find out what you're having?- Jessie

  3. ashley,
    isnt the first ultrasound so amazing... seeing your first child for the first time!!!!!! nothing like it :) glad to know you're feeling better.
    enjoy the ride :)
    amy yanok

  4. Hi Ashley!
    Wow, what beautiful pics! I especially love the comments. Glad you are feeling much better now, cuz it only gets better and better!
    Susan Englert

  5. aww thanks everyone :) so great to hear from you all!
    mom mom melbie... we think its a boy too... i'm surprised you have come to terms with this-- hehe

    Jessie: i think we are doing a "hybrid" approach since i wanted to wait and Dave wanted to find out... he came up with an alternative... to have them write the sex on a card and keep it on the Christmas tree. then when we go home to open gifts with our family, we will open it when we're all together! so its still a surprise and we are waiting longer than just the ultrasound, yet we can find out with our families and see everyones expression to the "christmas gift" hehe...

    Amy-- thanks!! it is absolutely AMAZING and soo cool...

    Susan: thanks!! glad you like the comments too :) and YES i'm glad i'm feeling better too! hehe i don't have time to sleep all day!! hhaa and glad to hear it gets better :)

    love you all!!

  6. Ashley--So happy for you and Dave. Great pics and lots of 'em...even 3d!! The baby looks wonderful and right on track. Joey and I both feel that your baby is a boy for some reason although the wives tale is anything over 140 means girl?? Our girl is always in the 150's. Love the finding out at Christmas plan. :) Hey, it's a surprise whenever you find out isn't it? Whether that be at delivery or as soon as you can know. It's good you both compromised. :) Next stop for you...feeling the baby move. It could be soon and you'll love it!!!

  7. Are you guys going to find out the sex of the baby? He/She is so cute:) I remember seeing Jonah's profile and his cute little nose..looked the same in person, too. So crazy! Enjoy the last few months with David. It ALL CHANGES, but it's for the better:)

  8. Very nice pictures Ashley. Thanks for sharing!! CPB