Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Week 14 (11/10/2009)

so... we went to another appointment with our midwife on Monday AND i lost 2.5 lbs...of course have gotten lots of questions about it... YES i'm eating a ton and NO i'm not working out too hard-- hehe... just b/c i know one of you will ask those very same questions :) BUT i told her i have not been ill... i think i'm losing all my muscle that i USED to have and that's really the reason ;) this is BABY DIESEL we're talking about here...HAHA
the heartrate was 150bpm, the baby was moving around like a jumping bean (as usual)....and everything else was great INCLUDING all the chromosome tests and NT fluid...YAY!!
we started to tear down the wallpaper in the baby's room, but its stuck so i need suggestions on the best way to get wallpaper border down...HELP!

from Daddy:
while i know these cravings will soon come... i have one myself- Haggen Das sorbet (peach and mango are the best). you should go straight to the grocery store NOW and get some

ive also now forcing Ashley to chug down protein shakes before bed

from Roomba:
beepboop beep boop the dog and i have come to an agreement...she will not shed as much so i may go on an extended vacation (until baby comes). i'm done sweeping up "tumble bellas" that roll across the floor. i wish mom would empty me more...dad's the only one who takes care of me...beeeppp (redocking sound)

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  1. Use "Diff" spray and a wallpaper/border scorer. You can buy them both at Lowe's or Home Depot...just ask an associate. Hehe. They make removing wallpaper/borders a SINCH! ps... Roomba is funny!