Wednesday, May 12, 2010

5-12-10 2 weeks old!

on the way home...4 hrs after birth ;)

trip to pediatrician..5 days old

octopus outfit :)

out n 3 with mom

here's an update from week 1 and 2 of Mr Noah's life:)
we went to the pediatrician and he was losing weight b/c all he wanted to do was sleep day1 and day we worked on the eating deal, went back to pedi and he gained back all his weight by 6 days old!! (they are supposed to gain it back by 2 he turned into a rockstar eater!haha)
i also thought i'd jump on the scale when we re-visited teh birth center for our 6 day appointment- just to see...AND... OH MY GOSH i had to look again... i lost 21 lbs in 6 days!!! whoa---i was elated!! i was paranoid it would be hard to get the weight off after pregnancy... i gained a total of 24 lbs and whoa so i wasa only up 3 lbs at 6 days post :) yippie!! super excited about that... my stomach has now returned to normal and i can actually feel my abs again... it was squishy for the first while--which totally freaked me out! haha its weird to flex and feel nothing... so i'm glad that's returning as well- haha
i feel amazing! i'm so glad we had a drug-free birth b/c i immediatelt was up, walking around- ready to face the new challenges of parenthood...thank you Lord for letting that happen :)

Noah is going through a growth spurt right now- so he's trying to eat every hour....eugh, but prior to this he was on a 2 hour schedule and was sleeping for 3 hours a night at 3 days old!! so we think he's doing very well!

things we've learned about Noah:
he HATES to have a dirty diaper-- as soon as its dirty...the whole neighborhood knows about it :)
he's also VERY hungry--everyone knows when its time to eat
he's a GREAT mom was here last week and since 2 days old he's been running errands all day everyday
he loves his big sister, Bella and how she licks him to death
he loves to snuggle and be held
he is VERY alert...always awake, looking around, smiling and taking everything in
he already holds his head up!

my mom came in on day 2 and stayed until day 10--and it was PHENOMENAL to have her here...bad thing was i was so emotional when she left!! who was goign to take care of us now?! she made dinner, cleaned, organized, soothed baby, and most of all loved on all of us...we're so sad she's gone adn wish she could just permanently move here :(
thankfully Jeannine came in on day 12 and staying until this friday...Noah just loves his Nana and we are soo glad she came in to help us too!! what would we do without our amazing mothers ?!!
so we are all doing well, adjusting to having a new, precious life to care for...and enjoying every moment of it!! he's getting so big already!!
cant wait for everyone to meet him... he's such a joy!!

miss and love you all
ps- we have TONS of pics i'll try to upload soon and videos of him and his first bath, etc...we'll also post soon, so check back :)

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  1. Glad your doing so well. Its totally amazing how fast your body can bounce back. Once you get the water weight off its smooth sailing plus you have the fact you were so active during your pregnancy on your side. Enjoy that little boy as he will be big before you know it.