Wednesday, July 7, 2010

10 weeks old


SOOO i'm so sorry i've been TERRIBLE at updating this blog- and i absolutely hated when my friends had babies and would disappear from the earth and not post pics! haha and now i understand why...motherhood is BUSY!! haha

soo we thought he had reflux...turns out he doesn't and i'm starting to think he was just extra hungry :( so i've just been extra nursing him at night and putting rice cereal in his breast milk and he seems fine now...but who knows, it changes daily :)

i've posted pics on snapfish and here are the links for your viewing pleasure :) if you would like any printed, our photographer: Tamara Hart... has given me the photos so you can print them on your own- isn't that amazing?!

and i'm still trying to figure out this blog posting pics, so it says the pics are posted somewhere- hopefully there's a link somewhere on the page- haha
but we are doing well, enjoying every moment with him. i go back to work in 1.5 weeks and have no idea how i'm going to do it!!! never thought i could love someone so much...its really amazing!!
well that's it for now :) check out the new pics!!

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