Saturday, March 27, 2010

3-27-10 Maternity Photo Shoot

so today was a very exciting/fun day for us!! we did our maternity shoot with Tamara her!!! she is absolutely amazing and made both of us feel so comfortable and special-- i just hope they all turn out good :) she said she should have a teaser up by tomorrow...yippie!! so i will post the link as soon as i get it :) AND if we get 10 comments on a photo on her blog we get a free we need your help on this one ;)
she also talked me in to doing a bare photo shoot as i'm kinda nervous about it b/c i'm so not a very photogenic person, but i figured why not...the more pictures and memories we have of this time in our lives...the better :)
she also offered to do photos of the birth!!!! i'm soooo excited about that b/c we were going to have my mom take pics or the student or whoever was free-so this will be FABULOUS to capture all the emotion and entire experience of Noah coming into the world :) AND for those of you freaked out right now...we'll probably be having a water birth and the photos are all you won't see any private parts or things that should be private-- but lil Noah laying on mommys chest after he arrives and then on daddy's and getting his footprints, etc... how precious and blessed are we to have this opportunity!! i'm so very excited

AND one more prop to Dave... this entire time i have felt so beautiful and glowing and its all because i have a fabulous, loving, complimentary husband who tells me everyday that i'm beautiful and how much he loves me and my belly...and he's very convincing-- so i feel beautiful when i look in the mirror-- thanks baby for making me feel this way :) i love you!!!

so that's the update for now- hopefully tomorrow i will have alinkto post :)

love you all
Ashley and Noah (Bella and Dave are napping now...the photo shoot pooped them out hehe)

oh yeah...Bella was in the shoot too ;)

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