Monday, March 8, 2010

3/8/2010... 32 weeks= 8 MONTHS!!!


WOW is the first thing i have to say...omgosh i'm 8 months prego!!! INSANE!! time has flown and here we are, only 8 weeks away! SO now i'm in total panic/ manic phase trying to get EVERYTHING ready...and completely stressin over it all! haha i want everything done now so we can just sit back and wait for him to come...AND i'm thinkin i'm going to start losing energy soon and don't want Dave to have to finish all of it while i sit my chunky self in the chair and watch! HAHA

we went to the Dr last week and i've gained 11 lbs total! yippie...hopefully it stays that way, he's about 3.5 lbs now and will double in the next 8 weeks! she checked him to make sure he wasn't breech---and he's not!! good lil boy is head down adn keeps tickling my hips with his fingers and kneeing and kicking me in the ribs all day long (i'm sooo not complaining, i like a moving baby... i know he's okay :) hehe) she said he's measuring PERFECT and so is my belly...its really neat- they measure from your pubic bone to top of your uterus and it should measure the same amount in cm's as you are weeks- and mine is exact to the week each time :) yay! she said he feels right on track to be a 7 lb baby...i like that as well :) his heartbeat was so incredibly strong- even she said "wow" yay!! maybe experiencing all the little babies everyday in heart surgery with me has scared him :)

AND...biggest update of all: WE HAVE A NAME...drumroll please.......NOAH DALE HODGE (Dale is after my dad...miss you dad!) hopefully he will be as filled with laughter and joy, and as wonderful of a man as my dad was :)

AND i had my Ohio shower last weekend given by my mother, Lindsay Pardi (okay its really Kaleta, but Pardi just sticks hehe) and Nikki Crunkilton---you girls are the best and i'm so thankful to have amazing friends like you to support us through this new journey. everything was ADORABLE and perfect!! i think we had close to 30-35 people there!! thanks everyone for coming and for those who couldn't make it- we REALLY appreciate the mail gifts :)
below are some pics from the shower-- my camera died, so i didn't get many pics- if you have some, will you please email them to me...

and this past weekend we worked our booties off getting the nursery ready and organizing the house and putting things away... let us know what you think:) leave a message as anonomyous so we know you stopped by :)

love you all... 8 more weeks!!
Ashley, Dave, Bella and Noah :)

this is a pic of Dave and I at the shower

me starting to open gifts

more gifts

The hostesses (minus my mom...obviously) THANKS girls- you're amazing!!!

a sweet handmade blanket from my aunt lois--- thank you!!

sooo Kathy was taking the pics for me with my camera-- and here's what i found... haha love ya RACH!!! she's preggo too (3 of the 4 college roomies are all prego together and within 6 weeks of each other!!) soo much fun!

the gift table-- adn this was in the beg.... it grew and grew--thank you all soo much!!

Dave taking down the fan blades

the crib!!! we're not sure we like the location of all the furniture, but Daves fam is coming in town this weekend sohopefully they can help us :) but i just love the bedding!! yay! i also have painted letters that spell his name and i'm goign to hang them above the crib with white ribbon...

the curtains
the closet...getting full!!! we got tons of 3-6 mos and more of older clothes, which is perfect so we have clothes when he gets bigger :)

the basket on the dresser is precious moments bears Jeannine got for us before we knew what he was at a school function- they are sooo soft and cuddly! they will probably go on a shelf when we get them hung :) they're so cute!!

the other side of the bedroom-- the changing pad will go on top and check out the lil gdiapers :) we will probably put the glider here too...IF/WHEN we get it :)

the fan blades...

and the playyard from the Hodges :) just love it!! and its all set-up and ready for when we bring baby Noah home :)

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