Sunday, March 21, 2010

34 weeks

Bella pooped out!

Emma sleepy as well

cute gift from my lil, Natalie... a dumbbell of diapers!! haha perfect for Diesel Dave :)

how cute is this?! haha


We have had a very busy (yes, busier than normal) last couple you can see by the lack of posts... 2 weeks ago we watched our friends dog, who kept Bella very occupied, as well as us...then Jeannine, Denny, Emma came in town on Saturday night and Mike and Tara and Macey came in Sunday for a week. AND we've been short staffed at work, so I've been working more and longer hours than normal :( and there's no end in sight...sigh

Mike and Tara were working on wedding plans- trying to finalize things, which was fun for us to be a part of as well :) and nonetheless fun to have people to come home to :) just wish we could move them all down here with us :) so, again Bella was pooped from the 2 dogs. Denny and Mike re-built our entire garage with shelving and over the garage door shelves as well as re-organized everything!! it looks FABULOUS!! THEN to top it all off, Denny re-landscapes everything for us...for the 2nd year in a row!! so incredible to have such great in-laws who take care of us...b/c honestly, with school, work, childbirth classes, child rearing classes and everything else we have going on, I'm pretty sure the landscaping and garage were going to suffer! haha our neighbors thank you as well ;) haha

Jeannine and Tara got to go to the baby appointment with us and see the place :)

so they are all gone now and the house is quiet :( yesterday was so nice out- so Bella and I laid out in the backyard while Dave worked on an accounting paper-- yes this is how exciting our lives are right now...accounting, work, sleep, gym (if we're lucky), repeat!

only 6 weeks left until baby Noah arrives!!! can't wait to see him!!

i think that's it for the updates :)

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