Thursday, April 8, 2010

36.5 weeks and MATERNITY/ Easter photos

so first... our maternity photos are UP!!! go to: click on PROOFING then for the password enter: Noah and there you have it!! if you want to order any photos- you can do so from that gallery :)
second, I am 36. 5 weeks and went to the DR yesterday- everything is perfect...belly's still a little small, BUT still within normal range, he's head down, heart rate is great- he was getting excited and having accelerations...AND my Group B Strep came back Negative--woowhoo, so no IVs for this chica or for Noah :) yippie i go weekly to the CNM's now and can get my cervix checked next week!! we're getting close!!

this past Easter weekend we had brunch at the Old Village Post House with some dear friends, that we're so sad are moving back to Atlanta, but we had such a great time with them. after we ate, we walked around and got some photos... and sorry- Kelli- your eyes are closed, but i don't have any other pics of us!!! and she's beautiful eyes open or closed :) but i wanted to capture the here's a pic of Kelli and I:

Dave and I...disregard my HAIR is EVERYWHERE! HAHA

then Dave and Matt walking (too funny that they look so alike!) they're twins sep. at birth! haha

me... 36 weeks prego

Dave and I with the water behind us...its just so beautiful here :)

WE LOVE CHARLESTON :) just miss our friends and family :)

and a couple older pics from Daves b-day cake

and yet again...Bella :)
so- a sad farewell to Matt and Kelli (we're still going to try to convince them to stay haha) and to the memories and friendship we have built :( and a congrats to your future and visiting ATL :)
my work shower is this weekend, AND amanda, Rick and aunt Lois and Stan are visiting- so check back soon for pics :)
love you all!!
Ash, Dave, Noah and Bella
oh yeah...for the record- when the baby comes- the birth center has a virtual nursery--so when you get the call that i'm in labor, you can start checking to see when Noah makes his arrival at this site:
so save that in your browsers :)

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