Monday, April 19, 2010

Dad's prego thoughts

Since Ashley wrote up her list of things that she likes and dislikes, I felt I had to do mine too! So here they are:

Things I'll miss:
  1. Rubbing her's kind of fun to do. It's like a basketball that you have to be gentle with.
  2. Kicks! Its cool to feel him kick in there. Especially since he does these big sweeping kicks that we call window wipers.
  3. Her cravings which I seem to have also....i.e. milkshakes and what not.
  4. Being able to park in the expectant mother spot at Publix. Ok so this isn't so bad but I figured I'd throw it on there.
Things I won't miss:
  1. The millions of pills Ashley takes every day. She gags on each pill and makes this terrible noise each time. I feel bad....
  2. The traffic on 26. Every time we go to the Birth Center, no matter what time, it's mad traffic and construction.

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