Friday, April 2, 2010

4-2-10...Dave's 28th Birthday!!! Happy bday hunny :) and 35 weeks...

So today is Daddy-to-be's 28th birthday!!!! omgosh we are getting so old!! haha!!
Hope you enjoyed every minute of the day babe :) this is our last year of just "us"

and below are some updates pics- sorry its been a while :(
heres me at 33 weeks

funny thing is... i felt huge here!! HA
34 weeks-- and spring has arrived!!! its beautiful outside :) too bad i only have like 3 summer maternity shirts :( looks like its time to go shopping!

34 weeks again

the BELLY or BASKETBALL...whatever you want to call it at 35 weeks...WOW did i all of a sudden pop out!! its funny b/c i forget i have a belly and try to do things i probably shouldn' uhh cartwheels outside--oops and uh jumping over the back of the couch..ouch, that one kinda hurt! haha its really sad i keep forgetting about this HUGE hange in my body! too funny :)

35 weeks...this week!! so crazy we are this close!! we went to the CNM and i am measuring small (belly and weight wise) EVEN gaining 6 lbs since my last visit-- omgoshhhhhh but she said it was about time b/c they keep yelling at me to eat more...eughh (as long as it comes right back off, i'm good :) hehe) his heartrate was wonderful as usual and she said my blood pressure is better than hers! haha
AND we got a list of "how to prepare your body for labor" some natural supplements to strengthen my uterus, so when it contracts, it gets work accomplished (so all the pain isn't in vain) and other pills to soften my cervix... then i asked her, "uhh so when do i start these?!" she laughed adn said..."NOW!" so that was a HUGE reality check- that ITS TIME!!!! wowzas~ i can't believe it! so, of course, i woke up 4 times last night dreaming that i was in labor!! HAHA
from now on we start going every week for avisit and i get cervix checks starting at 37 weeks (1.5 weeks from now) omgosh!! wow!!

here's pics from Dave's bday today...his ice cream cake :)

during my nesting phase- i cleaned out all our old tshirts and clothes we never wear- and made Dave part with some of his favs...BUT had a secret plan already in after he whined and tried to hang on to every shirt... i found a lady on etsy to make a t-shirt quilt to surprise him- so he can keep the t-shirts and memories forever, in a more usefull way than occupying drawer space! haha so here's the product- i think she did an AMAZING JOB!! and...better yet, he was surprised and loves it!!

then she said she found some backing she thought he would love- i just told her to make it OSU amazing is this?!!!
then his main gift from my mom n I...a new Zune HD :)

Dave and I before our last fancy dinner alone... love you baby!!

AND Noah's very first letter...and Easter card from mom mom melbie :)
we'll keep you all posted---AND check out the birth center's virtual nursery-- you'll probably see Noah's pictures/labor announcement here before we will get around to calling everyone, SO SAVE IT INYOUR BROWSERS :)
then you click on the date and name and pics will come up and his stats... keep us in your prayers these last few weeeks ...can't wait to see him!!
The Hodges

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