Saturday, April 24, 2010

bed rest :( and finished photos of the nursery

Bags all packed and ready to head to the birth we just need LABOR!!

Bella's on bed rest with me --HAHA

this is where the rocker will go- its supposed to arrive this week sometime :)

got these stuffed animals online- they were expensive, so i thought they were goign to be huge...NOPE aparently they're some collectors item--oops! haha, oh well!

finished changing table

entrance...just love the lil table/stool with his name on it :)

Finished crib with the mobile

finished closet shelving-- thanks Hunny!!

Dave building the closet

The diapers attacked him!! haha thanks everyone for all the gdiapers!

Blue Angels...soo amazing!

of course, Bella came along

Dave and I at Patriots Point watching the Blue Angels

the bushes in front of our house turn to complete flowers-- love them!

Dave and I before we left for the shower his work had for us

OH MY GOSH!!! huge belly!! haha almost stretch marks- thankfully!! BUT i'm sooo ready to have my normal stomach back!!

37 weeks!!

below is a sweet gift from a friend with his name embroidered..and how cute is the bag?!


i was feeling really shaky and weak at work on Weds, thought it was just my glucose dropping, but figured i'd better call the midwife to check- we ended up missing each others phone calls, in the mean time i ate a yogurt- felt fine, so didn't call back- figured it was nothing... happened again at dinner that night- ate- felt fine... happened again at work on thurs and thought i better call to see if this is normal. she asked me to have someone take my BP, if it was low- drink some gatorade, if it was high- call back. my BP is usually really low, like 100's over 40's... i went in teh hospital and hooked myself up to a monitor and it was 153/104!!!! oh my gosh! so i called back- they told me to come right in... it was still high when i got there and the protein in my urine was elevated (from my baseline levels) so she had me lay there and rest for a bit and took it again- and it thankfully dropped to 120's... so i had to do a 24 hr urine test (to test for protein in my urine) and get a bunch of labs to check my liver and kidney function (pre-eclampsia can have some serious effects on those!) so she said if it is elevated and i do have preeclampsia i would have to be induced and have him at the hospital :( so that was a HUGE bummer and sad moment when you plan for one thing and hope for it and in a flash it can be taken away from you. Everyone thinks i'm/ we're crazy for wanting a completely drug-free natural childbirth, but it something we desire and think is the best for Noah, and it really stinks to prepare 9 months for that and maybe not being able to have it... long story short- the labs all came back normal!! PRAISE JESUS!! so i'm still on bed rest and i go back in monday to get checked again and if he's still not here by tuesday then i have to repeat the urine test to make sure it doens't turn to pre-eclampsia.

all last week i was so stressed with work, teaching, school and exams AND making sure everything was ready for baby that i really think that had a large effect on me... i was also getting up early for cases and class at night- working 12-14 hr days then goign to class-- maybe this was my bodies way of saying STOP i cna't do it all!! so hopefully the bedrest will bring everything back to normal--- another bummer is that my leave time with Noah is starting now :( so i just pray he comes soon so i can be home with him for the majority of the time i'm off and not sitting here alone on the couch! haha

dave has been amazing, taking care of me and bringing me everything i need, cooking, cleaning AND getting everything ready...we are OFFICIALLY READY! below are the finalized pics of the nursery and the new shelf he hung and the new shelves he put in the closet :)

soo i'm sitting/laying on the couch feeling like a COMPLETE BUM, watching movies, stalking people on facebook and blogging-- thank goodness for the internet :)

so hopefully Mr Noah makes his arrival SOON!! we're hoping this weekend, but i don't think that will happen...keep us in your prayers :)

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