Monday, April 19, 2010

37.6 weeks 4/19/2010

WOW...again all i can say is WOW! we're THIS far! i just can't wrap my mind around the thought that we could have a little baby at ANY time now :) I saw on someone else blog, they did a funny post and thought i would do the same... I have truly enjoyed every moment being pregnant...okay the 2-3 weeks of morning sickness weren't the most fun times in my life, but since then, i really can't i thought i would write a post/ tribute to pregnancy, since its coming to an end :)

Things I will miss most about being pregnant:

1. the BELLY...its actually pretty fun- my entire theory throughout the whole pregnancy has been...just EMBRACE the belly (if you fight it, you will be miserable haha)
2. random smiles from strangers- its funny b/c when you're pregnant, people don't look at your face- they go straight to the belly, then back up to the face and smile- isn't it neat that creating life creates joy in other people as well?!
3. Feeling Noah all day, every day and always having him with me, but i am excited to share him with all of you, finally :)
4. being able to take naps and not feel guilty about it
5. Dave coming home from work and rubbing/ talking to the belly...b/c soon he'll probably just run to Noah, since he'll be here!
6. Learning to say "no" to too many activities...we tend to over-exert ourselves and commit to too much and end up warn out and exhausted in the end, I'm learning to say no and be okay with it- and its actually really nice to have a couple minutes of free time to spend with Dave :)
7. SLEEP...most important, i know this phenomena called sleep is about to leave our vocabulary...and have i mentioned how much i TRULY LOVE sleep? eugh... this might not be pretty

Things I am looking forward to post-pregnant/ things i won't miss about being pregnant:

1. the Belly... what will i have to talk about- it seems to be the highlight of all conversations at this point in my life- haha
2. feeling like a whale trying to get out of our platform bed in the morning
3. Struggling to eat enough protein everyday-- i could be vegetarian at the drop of a hat
4. as much as i "embrace the belly" i can't WAIT to go run...hard! do mad crunches and be able to see past my belly to the ground! HAHA I'm so excited to get back to the gym and have a normal body/clothes again, i can't stand it
5. HEARTBURN....omgoodness, I've never had heartburn and i have a new found empathy for people who do- its rotten, makes you not even want to eat!
6. People and their inappropriate comments...just so ya know its not okay to tell a pregnant girl "Wow, you're getting so big" or " oh my gosh, every time i see you you're getting bigger"...well no crap Sherlock- that's what SUPPOSED to happen, I'm preggers!! wow... oh yeah, and the opposite is also true "Wow, is everything okay, you're so small" "Wow, when i was at your stage i was way bigger" (it makes you go home and worry that something is wrong with your baby)....can i just say- you shouldn't EVER comment on a pregnant belly SIZE-- small or big it makes the person self-conscious! and thank goodness I'm not an insecure girl ;)
7. wine and lunch meat...i can't wait to have a glass of wine...maybe that can be someones first gift to me?! haha AND i can't wait to have a COLD TURKEY sub from subway...that's not heated to "steaming hot for 30 seconds" haha...oh yeah, and i want some sushi too! oh yeah, and COFFEE in the mornings!! ahhh (actually i may try to keep this practice of minimal caffeine...i feel so much better without it)
8. THE BIGGEST THING: i cannot wait to throw away all my pills!!! I've been taking all natural/ wholefoods supplements this entire pregnancy- to ensure he's getting the actual nutrients and making sure they're in the purest! however, this makes my pill consumption over 40 pills a day!! AND did i mention how HORRIBLE i am at taking pills? i gag about every time (it wasn't pretty during the first trimester...poor Dave had to witness the whole thing haha) so i cannot wait to go back to normal 4-6 pills a day!

anyways that's it for now- 38 week appointment today at the birth place and our last Bradley make-up class tonight (its a labor rehearsal)....hopefully we pass ;) haha!


sooo those are my things

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